From the algorithms that drive our interactions online to the critical thinking that shapes many of our everyday decisions, mathematics is embedded in virtually everything we do. As a result, a mathematical mind is increasingly valuable in our global economy, regardless of which career path you choose, and Holy Cross College recently added a mathematics minor.

“Mathematics is an important foundational discipline for many fields of learning,” notes Deborah Arangno, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Mathematics Program. “Mathematics is the foundation of most academic and professional disciplines in a world that increasingly requires technical competency. This includes most business activities, engineering disciplines, and sciences, as well as information technology and computer science.”

This minor provides benefits to several academic areas.

“The mathematics minor provides science, social science, and business majors fundamental knowledge of the important concepts, techniques, and problem-solving methods of mathematics that are universal to physical laws and essential to reasoning and analytic studies. Students will acquire precision and clarity in the oral and written communication of mathematical ideas; proficiency in the use of technology in mathematics; proficiency in abstract reasoning; acquaintance with the formulation and construction of proofs; proficiency in problem-solving, and modeling, both in groups and independently; and appreciation of mathematical exploration and the advancement of mathematical knowledge,” said Arangno.

Through program studies, students acquire a conceptual understanding of differential and integral calculus through multivariable calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and an area of specialization including cryptography, probability, graph theory, algebra, or real analysis.

“Math students have gone on to pursue advanced degrees and thrive professionally in fields ranging from engineering, economics, and computer science, to mathematics, law, medicine, and the health sciences,” said Arangno.