The Holy Cross College mission is to educate and form global citizens with the competence to see and the courage to act. Impacting the community is at our core and we recently introduced a major in politics and public service.

“The politics and public service major at Holy Cross College comprise three, unique tracks in American Politics and Constitutionalism, Political Philosophy, and Citizenship in the Modern World,” said Clyde Ray, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Politics & Public Service. “All of these concentrations are elements of the broader mission of the major, which is to develop sophisticated citizens and leaders able to discuss, deliberate, and intelligently criticize their own opinions as well as those of others.”

Benefits of major

“Students will benefit most from the versatility.” Noted Ray. “Politics is very much an applied field, and the major is a stepping stone entry point into federal and state government employment and many degree recipients move into the workforce of large institutions such as healthcare systems, education, journalism, transportation, state and local governments, and non-government organizations. In addition, a degree in politics will make students more competitive for entering law, graduate, and other professional schools, which value the interdisciplinary learning afforded by the major.”

Goal of major

“We created this major in order to further solidify Holy Cross’ commitment to citizenship, advancing Blessed Basil Moreau’s call to educate minds that will respond to the times with hearts that remain fixed on heaven. The politics major ensures that our graduates will not only have the civic literacy necessary to be effective citizens but the ability to understand and shape their environment on behalf of the common good, no matter what career path they are called to take,” said Ray.

Practical application

“Our majors will acquire the skills necessary to succeed in almost any professional endeavor. Our students debate views in a critical but respectful passion; learn to articulate and construct evidence-based arguments, and develop a broad view of the ways in which political decision-making shapes their lives. In a labor market that continues to emphasize the importance of critical thinking, effective writing, and communication skills, the politics and public service major at Holy Cross will give students the tools necessary for professional success, engaged citizenship, and a life well-lived,” commented Ray.

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