Provided Services


The Holy Cross College email account is the primary source of communication between faculty, staff, and students. Campus email is provided by the Microsoft 365 product. All students are to check their email daily while classes are in session and maintain their account for email delivery.

HC Portal

Portal accounts are issued to provide students access to their academic records. Class schedules, grade reports, billing information, and much more are obtained through the Portal. Hard copies of schedules or grade reports will not be issued by the college. It is up to the student to obtain these via the Portal, which is available at all times, on or off campus.


Moodle is Holy Cross College’s selected Learning Management System (LMS). If your professor is using Moodle, you can get your assignments and handouts online.  You also may be able to see your grades, click on assigned web links, post assignments, communicate with your classmates with bulletin boards, chats, message board, or Wikis, view a course calendar, or use any other features of Moodle that the professor has set up for your particular course. Moodle is the “one-stop” web site for staying current with your classes.  Some of the college’s Student Services are on Moodle, too, such as the Library and the Career Development Center & Preparation (internships and career preparation).

Computer Lab

Holy Cross College has a computer lab and classroom available to all students. All computers are connected to the college network with access to the latest software for word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, and interactive course materials used by all divisions.

Lab Hours

Monday – Thursday
7:30 AM – 11:45 PM

7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

1:00 PM – 11:45 PM


Students are provided with an account to print documents in the computer lab and library. Each student is given $15 of print credit at the beginning of each semester.  We charge $.05 per black and white page printed and $.50 per color page. The college also allows printing from personal devices, which you can read more about here.

ID Card

All students receive a photo identification card at the beginning of the academic year at the time of enrollment. This card has a library bar code on the back which is valid for the Holy Cross, Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s and Bethel College libraries. It is also used for the cafeteria at Holy Cross and Saint Mary’s Colleges and must be presented when students use the café for meals.

The student ID card is to be carried at all times. It is used as proof of a student’s status at Holy Cross College and must be produced whenever requested by a college official. If a student loses their ID card a new ID card will be issued upon payment of a $25 fee. This fee must be paid at the Business Office.

Students will need their current ID card to purchase ND football tickets, to use the dining hall (at HCC or Saint Mary’s), to use the library (at HCC, ND, SMC or Bethel), to use the Rockne Center and to attend any sporting or cultural function at ND or SMC. Only a CURRENT Holy Cross College ID is valid.