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Stories of Generosity

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Kathleen Ming headshotKathleen Ming ’23 is majoring in business and minoring in marketing and sports management. The women’s soccer team brought her to campus and has significantly impacted her college journey.

“I was recruited by the head coach, Omar Gallo. From the first second of stepping onto campus, I knew that this experience was more than just soccer. I felt at home instantly, hearing about the small class sizes and close connections with other students and the on-campus community really impressed me. The other colleges and universities that I toured had nowhere near the same promise as Holy Cross had to offer,” noted Ming.

Being part of the soccer team has helped her develop into a great leader and well-rounded student-athlete, gaining tools from sports to help in life beyond the field.

“I have also helped with programs such as TOP soccer that allow children with special needs to get outside and play a sport, we all love for a day each week, and the Michiana Echo a local soccer organization,” said Ming. “Being involved with organizations like these allows me to pass on my passion for the game and developing young minds while giving back to a community that supports me as a student and an athlete.”


Julian Garcilazo '24Julian Garcilazo ’24 is majoring in clinical psychology with a minor in public health. The family atmosphere and genuine regard for his future from faculty and staff have positively impacted his growth in college.

“I am currently part of the Student Government Association (SGA) and hold the role of Junior Class Senator, a role that I love and cherish. I am also a member of First Generation, Latinos Unidos, Psychology Club, a member of SGA public relations, and take part in various other events and projects across campus that I am honored to be a part of. These organizations strengthen an individual’s character to step out of themselves and form a community, and work together as a group to achieve a common goal; causing one to be more community-oriented,” said Garcilazo.

After getting his bachelor’s degree, he wants to continue his education and get a Doctor of Psychology with the goal of becoming a therapist after graduate school.

“I want to be able to help cure mental illness, one patient at a time,” said Garcilazo.