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Alumni Stories

Class of 2019

Class of 2019 alumnus Daniel Mahoney.Daniel Mahoney

While the nation tries to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, alumnus Daniel Mahoney spent his days getting food in the hands of those in need through his work as a full Cart Coordinator for the Full Cart Program of the nonprofit Feeding Children Everywhere. The Full Cart virtual food bank partners with donors to cover the cost of food and ships groceries directly to a person’s door. His responsibilities include managing inventory, fulfilling orders, packing meals, leading interns, creating and updating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), driving a forklift, communicating with FedEx about shipments, and much more. Click here to learn more.

Pictured is Katie Luczak at Safe Sitter, Inc.Katie Luczak

Living in a college dorm is a valuable learning experience. The journey to independence is filled with increased responsibilities, new friends, a taste of newfound cuisine, and inspiration to the next chapter in life. For alumna Katie Luczak, dorm life was her inspiration for future studies and a career path. Click here to learn more.

Grant Kercher headshotGrant Kercher

Holy Cross College is excited to welcome alumnus Grant Kercher in the role of Admissions Counselor. His position on campus includes helping students with the admission and application process. Click here to learn more.

Bruno Souza

Alumnus Bruno Souza left the beautiful country of Brazil, known for its rich culture and warm-hearted people, after high school for the United States. His goal – to learn English and get his bachelor’s degree. Click here to learn about his success since college.

Alumnus Matthew Sheldon headshot.Matthew Sheldon

Fall is a season of leaves changing into maroon, gold, or orange, the smell of chili in the crockpot, and the start of football season. Many football traditions start with a well-planned, festively decorated, family-filled tailgate before kick-off, filled with great memories and selfies. Alumnus Matthew Sheldon and business partner Greg Fean ’18 created a business while in college, dedicated to quality tailgates, resulting in a successful post-college corporation. Click here to learn more about his journey.

Class of 2018

Sara Musleh and Avonni Ward

A love for shopping and fashion, coupled with a desire to empower women, brought class of 2018 alumnae Sara Musleh and Avonni Ward into business together. The duo opened Sarae Boutique intending to carry clothing for people of various religions, cultural backgrounds, and sizes. Click here to read about their business venture.

Class of 2018 alumnus Paul Gilsdorf on Holy Cross College campus.Paul Gilsdorf

College life creates many unique opportunities, long-lasting friendships, and bonds with educators that last a lifetime. For Paul Gilsdorf, his collegiate experience included being part of the Collegiate Program at St. Joseph Discernment House on campus. The program, no longer in existence, invited young men to share in community life with the Holy Cross Brothers, even though they aren’t actively considering a vocation. Click here to learn more.

Class of 2016

Alumna Madelyn MartinecMadelyn Martinec

Holy Cross College strives to form global citizens with the competence to see and the courage to act, instilling in students we can all change the world, make it a better place, and make a difference. Alumna Madelyn Martinec is using those values to make an impact on her local community and is currently the Director of Development at REAL Services in South Bend. Click here to learn about her journey.

Logan Montague 2016 alumnaLogan Montague

College is a time of growth and exploration into the person we want to become. Some students walk into school knowing exactly what they want to do with their life, while others find inspiration from experiences and mentors. Logan Montague found through an internship in the political arena that marketing was the perfect fit professionally and personally. Click here to learn more about her opportunities.

Class of 2015

Grace Luppi headshotGrace Luppi

Alumna Grace Luppi has a golden voice that propelled her into the world of communications, using her voice for radio advertisements for the College. This experience resulted in a career in radio and upcoming graduation with a master’s from Northwestern University. Click here to learn more.

Class of 2014

Terron Phillips, class of 2014 alumnus.Terron Phillips

After completing his undergraduate degree at Holy Cross College, completing internships in the admission’s office at Holy Cross, and working a few years in both undergraduate and graduate admissions, Terron Phillips began to realize that his belief that anyone participating in higher education was actually not the reality. Click here to read about his journey in higher education.

Francesa McCarthy during her days on the women's basketball teamFrancesa McCarthy

A love of sports took alumna Francesa McCarthy on a journey of pursuing a master’s degree in sports psychology in clinical mental health counseling at Indiana State University, but an impactful internship at a maximum-security men’s prison changed her path to pursue correctional psychology. Click here to read more.


Class of 2013

Michael Novitzki

The friendship of a father figure and a solid education background helped alumnus Michael Novitzki find his purpose and become a leader at one of the largest structural engineering water tower consulting firms in the nation. Click here to read about his journey.

Class of 2012

Headshot of 2012 alumna Dulce CurryDulce Curry

Dulce Curry is an immigrant who came to the states as a five-year-old. She grew up in a rough neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois, learning education was her ticket out of poverty, and a way to help her community. Click here to read about her journey.

Class of 2011

Alumna Claire (Lochmondy) Landgraf ’11Claire (Lochmondy) Landgraf

Planning the perfect wedding day is the dream of many girls at a young age. Find the ideal husband to love forever, make your best friend your maid of honor, and most importantly, find the perfect dress that makes you feel like a princess. Alumna Claire (Lochmondy) Landgraf got a taste of the glamorous bridal sector before college and knew that being part of wedding memories was something she wanted to do professionally for the rest of her life. Click here to learn more about her journey.

Class of 2006

Picture of alumnus Bryan DanielBryan Daniel

Being a teenager is tough. Questions like ‘where do I belong’ and ‘who do I want to be’ add tremendous weight to every eighteen-year-old shoulder, making the future seem impossible. For alumnus Bryan Daniel, Holy Cross College offered answers to his questions and invited him into a community of educators dedicated to building students to be scholars, citizens, leaders, and disciples of the future. Click here to learn more.